I took a quarter-long yoga class in college and practiced prenatal yoga this past Summer. I really think it helped me relax and maintain some of my muscle strength while pregnant. I have decided that I am going to start doing yoga in the evenings again. I joined I had no idea that you could build your own yoga practice on their site, which is really cool. I really do not like following videos, so having my own routine will be nice. Just checking in!

-The Missus


I have worked with reward systems for as long as I can remember. The problem with me was that my reward was typically food of some sort. “Finish your paper so you can eat some of that cake.” “Clean the cat box and you can have a hershey kiss.” “Go to the gym so you can eat donuts.”

M is getting a smaller reward when he is under 300lbs and a much larger one when he reaches his goal of 220lbs. I had yet to find anything I wanted, but tonight I did.

FANCY PANTS NAIL POLISH! I love having my nails painted, but always purchase cheap crap, and never bother buying a base coat, and never put a surface coat over, so it never lasts and is horrible for my nails. I am going to allow myself a small spree on Amazon (luckily they are cheap as hell on there) when I reach 142lbs.

Why 142lbs? I know that is only 14 pounds less than I weight right now, it will be exactly 50 pounds less than I weighed on the day I went in to labor.

I am excited. :)

-(Obviously) the Missus