The queue emptied itself much faster than I thought it would. I remember gathering all those pictures while my daughter was asleep and thinking these will last forever. Apparently not. I noticed they did gain us a lot of followers, and I hope that people will not be too disappointed that, for the most part, we are just a boring married couple with a common goal. The most thrilling thing I am considering for this blog’s near future is posting a “before” picture of myself, and starting to update again.

Things have been stressful with the move. We are moving in 6 days, and I am really hoping that things get easier after that. It is hard to think about healthy eating, exercise, and packing up your life to take it somewhere else. It sounds like an excuse because it is an excuse. I would be lying if I said that M and I have remained entirely on the wagon. Weight-wise, I think that both of us have not lost much more in the moving process, but that we have maintained the losses we had made. That is something.

We are crawling back on to the wagon. I have been making sure to take our daughter, we’ll call her O, on walks every day. That is something. M has been walking with us some too and walking at work, so that is something. We are learning more Vegan recipes, so that is something.

It will get easier. It will become habit. It won’t be something we are trying to warp in to our lives forever.

SIDENOTE: Our new apartment has a patio. Guess who is going to be growing herbs, tomatoes, maybe some small peppers? Us! Who is excited? This girl.

-The Missus